Together with a professional team I can offer various technical services that span a wide range of application environments. 

Mining Geology
  • Geological and Hydrogeological studies 

  • Slopes and excavation fronts stability analysis

  • Geogiacimentological assessments

  • Environmental recovery plans for abandoned mining activities

  • Regulatory frameworks consultancy

  • Monitoring plans

  • Mining waste management

EIAs Procedures
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

  • Procedures due to the italian regulations

Hydrogeological risks and soil conservation
  • Slopes stability analysis

  • Hydro-geological hazard studies

  • Studies and consultations on the implementation of monitoring systems

Waste management and remediation
  • Waste management consultancy

  • Preliminary plans and characterization plans on contaminated sites

  • Risks analysis

  • Monitoring plans on contaminated sites

Engineering Geology and Geotechnics
  • Geological and seismical reports

  • Geotechnical reports

  • Load tests on soil and rock

  • Rupture failure calculations

  • Geotechnical consulting for foundation works

  • Technical consultancy for road works (tunnels, roads, railways, etc.)

  • Geological and environmental feasibility studies for engineering works

  • Design collection and disposal systems of meteoric waters, washing and waste (first rain water, absorbing wells, subsurface irrigation, etc.)

Renewable energy and environment
  • Geological and Hydrogeological studies for geothermal low enthalpy plants

  • Geological and Hydrogeological studies for hydropower plants and eolic plants

  • Assessments of groundwater vulnerability to pollution

Water Resources
  • Hydrogeological studies of porous and fissured aquifers

  • Studies of efficiency and productivity of wells and springs

  • Geological studies to support the realization of aqueducts and underground pipelines

  • Technical reports and consulting for discharge authorizations

  • Geomorphological and hydrological studies of surface water

Land use planning and landscape protection
  • Geological and hydrogeological studies to support municipal land plan

  • Identification and delimitation of geological hazard

  • Micro-zoning seismic studies (I and II level)

  • Landscape Report

  • Open cast quarries mining projects

  • Underground quarries mining projects

  • Non-hazardous waste disposal/recovery plant design

  • Hazardous wast disposal/recovery plant design

Groundwater catch, hydropower plants and renewable energy
  • Wells and spring catch

  • Design of partial or total closure interventions on wells

  • Hydropower plants

  • Eolic power plants

  • Low enthalpy geothermal power plants

Monitoring networks and environmental remediation
  • Monitoring networks for contaminated sites

  • Remediation of contamineted sites

Landslides mitigation
  • Active protection works

  • Passive protection works

  • Forestry and hydraulic works

  • Drainage and stabilization works even with naturalistic engineering techniques

Forestry and alpine roads
  • Alpine tracks

  • Forestry tracks and roads

Geognostic, geophisical and geotechnical investigations
  • Static or diynamic penetration tests

  • Load tests

  • H.V.S.R.

  • M.A.S.W.

  • Seismic refraction

  • Geoelectrical investigations

  • Pumping tests and permeability tests

  • Total Station topographical surveys

  • GPS Topographical Surveys

Surface Surveys
  • Geological and geomorphological surveys

  • Geostructural surveys

  • Pedological studies

  • Inclinometers monitoring

  • Topographical monitoring

  • Groundwater and soils sampling and monitoring on contaminated sites 

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